Enactus is an international non-profit organization with an outreach of over almost 36 countries and hundreds of universities. Enactus was established in 1975 and its base is presently located in the United States. Focusing solely on ways to make the targeted communities self-sufficient and independent by tapping into their potentials is what serves as the core idea of Enactus.  
Enactus JMI was founded in October 2015. For a new establishment like this, Enactus JMI has gained considerable achievements through its innovative and constructive projects. The motto of Enactus JMI is ‘Socially Diligent’, thus describing our morals. Enactus was formed relatively recently in Jamia, three years ago, and from then on has vigorously strived towards the mission of creating entrepreneurship opportunities for the less fortunate. Now, numerous volunteers, many significant projects and two years of rigorous work later, we at Enactus JMI are fully devoted towards our future aspirations, which involve perfecting our projects as well as the society as a whole. It revolves around the basic community guidelines to work with the less privileged while simultaneously benefiting the environment and society. Enactus is basically a student driven organization mentored by academic and business leaders in a vast network. 
Enactus Jamia Millia Islamia  were declared as the winners in the Enactus Nationals Competition – Rookie League [2016].   ENACTUS JMI was also selected to go to the national’s competition of 2017, along with 23 other team out of the 150+ teams. The team had also won grants from Mahindra and BlueDart in Enactus Nationals 2017. 
Through Enactus, the students of Jamia have benefited numerous people, especially the communities that we have targeted via our projects Tabdeel and Imdaad which provided them various business and work opportunities. Among these communities, two are all women’s group- the Sambhal community in Batla house and the Kudumbshree community in Kerala– which majorly include individuals who previously used to earn minimal or no money at all. Associating with Enactus JMI has proved to be economically profitable to each and every member of these groups. Not only has community welfare been beneficial for the society but also for Enactus JMI personally, as it has flourished as an organisation with the combined efforts of every teammate dedicatedly working towards a social cause.