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Fight for the Right

On Monday October 8th, 2018; Waqas Khalid, campus journalist of The Jamia Review, interviewed some students from the Turkish Department for the ongoing protest and hunger strike being carried out by the them against the mismanagement caused by the faculty of Humanities and Languages. Three students were the main interviewees from the first, second and… Continue reading Fight for the Right


The Unsung Hero

I can't wait everyday for a heart attack to kill me.  This is what Namita Mukherjee, a teacher, finds on returning home after school to her apartment in Southern Avenue where she lived with her scientist husband. This, and her husband’s hanging body. The hands that wrote this suicide note were also the ones that… Continue reading The Unsung Hero


The One Time Rajasthan High Court, Played Freud

I’ve always nurtured a fear of missing out that stems from not knowing what might have happened on a fine morning, in the winter of ’98 or on a particular afternoon in the year of ’99 but in a hysteric judgement, pun intended, The Rajasthan High Court ruled that women can plead the defence of insanity… Continue reading The One Time Rajasthan High Court, Played Freud


Nursery Rhymes Revisited

The yesteryears nursery rhymes, Sound so unrealistic in present times, Let us hear them out again,  Although in a lighter vein! Rain, rain go away, Little Jhonny wants to play, But Little Jhonny doesn’t need to play outside, He has Sony Playstation right inside! Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great… Continue reading Nursery Rhymes Revisited


‘Baki sab to Khurafat thi’- An evening with Begum Masroor Jahan

"किरदार तो होते ही हैं के अफसानो में आएं" - बेगम मसरुर जहाँ  "Characters are meant to be woven into stories" - Begum Masoor Jahan The sari clad beautiful Begum Masroor Jahan was the center of attraction in the ‘Conversations’ event organized by Delhi based literary gift company BooksEtc on August 4, 2018.The monthly event was attended by… Continue reading ‘Baki sab to Khurafat thi’- An evening with Begum Masroor Jahan

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Jamia Administration’s unrelenting fundamentalism

I am reminded today of Malaysia, a perfectly happy society slowly being divided by the over-enthusiasm of fundamentalism. Only to be reminded of my alma mater. Making a case for the educated minority while still reinforcing the same things that have held an entire section back for ages now. Jamia administration rolled back their relaxation… Continue reading Jamia Administration’s unrelenting fundamentalism


Fading Folklore

Several years had passed since I last visited my village. Therefore, after finishing my college this summer, I decided to take a trip to Dhanchui. Located thirty four kilometers east to Gaya, this village is relatively better off as compared to an average Indian village. Economic prosperity aided by fertile land and remittances from emigrants… Continue reading Fading Folklore


चार धाम में गिरे ये चित चौरासी बार हैं।

दूध पर जमी मलाई का भगौना भर गया, आज माँ ने पिन्नियाँ बनानी हैं। घर में घी जो बन रहा, बने बिना बिखर गया, आज चूल्हे आग न लगानी है। साग जो बिलखती माँ के खून से निखर गया, आज आँसू से फसल उगानी है। बेतहाशा बद तमीज़ बच्चे जो हैं पल रहे, कंठ कड़वा,… Continue reading चार धाम में गिरे ये चित चौरासी बार हैं।

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Clash of Economic Models

Around me I see many people romancing the idea of Socialism as the only true system which gives equality to all. Socialism started as a labour movement but now has become a political system of governance and a full fledged political ideology. It fights it's rival capitalism which may not be used as a political… Continue reading Clash of Economic Models


The Red Grass

Aristotle said that The harmony is the medium of music; At dawn, the sound of the flute or lyre Is an imitation Of one's warmth. I see, this is why Filters were invented To conceal the warmth To envy the chords. The monsoon must have cried As hundred hands tore open Two young bodies While… Continue reading The Red Grass