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Feminism & Masculinity: Ideas vs. Ideologies

We are standing on the shoulders of giants when it comes to fight for gender equality but by using gender specific language, we bury the lead which in turn halts us in shining the spotlight on the issues that really matters. In order to demand equal rights for women, both men & women must be… Continue reading Feminism & Masculinity: Ideas vs. Ideologies


The One Time Rajasthan High Court, Played Freud

I’ve always nurtured a fear of missing out that stems from not knowing what might have happened on a fine morning, in the winter of ’98 or on a particular afternoon in the year of ’99 but in a hysteric judgement, pun intended, The Rajasthan High Court ruled that women can plead the defence of insanity… Continue reading The One Time Rajasthan High Court, Played Freud


Masoom Bacchi (معصوم بچی)

Masoom Bacchi Aao baithein zara kuch kaam karein Insaniyat ke naam ye ek paigham karein Izzat mao behno ki looti ja chuki hai bahut Na bhare zakhm par marham tu zara aam karein Imaan gar na becha ho abhi tak tumne Rooh ka sauda gar na kia ho tumne Insaniyat kuch gar zinda ho abhi… Continue reading Masoom Bacchi (معصوم بچی)