Fading Folklore

Several years had passed since I last visited my village. Therefore, after finishing my college this summer, I decided to take a trip to Dhanchui. Located thirty four kilometers east to Gaya, this village is relatively better off as compared to an average Indian village. Economic prosperity aided by fertile land and remittances from emigrants… Continue reading Fading Folklore


A Beginning Worth Remembering

"Ek tajurba hi to hai, warna sirf daulat ki kalam se safarnaame nahi likhe jaate" -Akanksha Mishra (Writer, Anchor, Safarnama 2k18) A travelogue of fun, excitement and adventures' Safarnama 2k18 indeed lived up to the expectations of each and every one. The Annual Fest of Department of Tourism, Hotel, Hospitality and Heritage Studies, Jamia Millia… Continue reading A Beginning Worth Remembering


Safarnama 2k18

Season of Fests is here at Jamia. With all the various departments organising their fests one after the other, guess who is next in the queue. Yes!!! The next in the queue is none other than the Department of Tourism, Hotel, Hospitality and Heritage Studies. Department of Tourism along with The Jamia Review as its… Continue reading Safarnama 2k18


अलीगढ़ टू दिल्ली : एक फर्क नामा

क्या कहोगे ? क्यूँ आज-कल कलम दाँतों तले दबी रहती है ? ज़ुबां से बैर तो हमेशा ही था, क्यूँ लफ्जों से भी आज-कल बिगड़ी रहती है ? घर की चार दीवारी में दुनिया तराश देते थे, अब खुले आसमां में क्यूँ तलखी रहती है ? बेजान पुलों पर रेल सी गुज़र जाती, वो जो… Continue reading अलीगढ़ टू दिल्ली : एक फर्क नामा