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Clash of Economic Models

Around me I see many people romancing the idea of Socialism as the only true system which gives equality to all. Socialism started as a labour movement but now has become a political system of governance and a full fledged political ideology. It fights it's rival capitalism which may not be used as a political… Continue reading Clash of Economic Models


The Red Grass

Aristotle said that The harmony is the medium of music; At dawn, the sound of the flute or lyre Is an imitation Of one's warmth. I see, this is why Filters were invented To conceal the warmth To envy the chords. The monsoon must have cried As hundred hands tore open Two young bodies While… Continue reading The Red Grass


Masoom Bacchi (معصوم بچی)

Masoom Bacchi Aao baithein zara kuch kaam karein Insaniyat ke naam ye ek paigham karein Izzat mao behno ki looti ja chuki hai bahut Na bhare zakhm par marham tu zara aam karein Imaan gar na becha ho abhi tak tumne Rooh ka sauda gar na kia ho tumne Insaniyat kuch gar zinda ho abhi… Continue reading Masoom Bacchi (معصوم بچی)