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Reviving the Art of Bamboo – An Initiative of Enactus JMI

Enactus JMI, the non-profit organisation being run in the university as a chapter of the international Enactus community has found its way towards reviving bamboo art and promotion of its cultivation. The idea has been realised under the banner of Project ‘Irtiqa’. Functioning since October 2018, the project started with the utilisation of bamboo in… Continue reading Reviving the Art of Bamboo – An Initiative of Enactus JMI

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No room for the Poor

People in a fling for carpentering contemporary Indian cities rarely examine the humanitarian cost of demolishing slums and shanty towns. A day after the new year’s eve, the people living in shacks in grimy surroundings of Batla House, Okhla, were abandoned due to their dwellings being dismantled by the administration. In addition to the intensity… Continue reading No room for the Poor



04.03.18 When something hurts me real bad, when my emotional wall is broken, when I am provoked, I choose to write . Putting my thoughts into words always gives vent to my feelings. So here, I write without being an extremist and without generalising people and their behaviour. It happened to me this day in… Continue reading WE WANT PEACE 🙂


तवायफ के नाम (طوائف کے نام) (Tawayaef key naam)

Agar ye samaj kotho par jane wale beghairat aur shehwaniyat se bhare log paida kar sakta hai ,tu mua'shre se randi paida karne par hairani kyu hoti hai,  jab tak kharidar maujood hai baza'r mein ma'l aata rahega.   If this society has no shame to produce brothel visitors,Why is it ashamed/abashed to have whore/prostitute… Continue reading तवायफ के नाम (طوائف کے نام) (Tawayaef key naam)


Safarnama 2k18

A Season of Fests envelopes Jamia every year in the month of February-March.In the queue of fests this year, the next is SAFARNAMA. It will be a two-days event scheduled on 22-23 March, 2018. SAFARNAMA is the Annual Fest of the Department of Tourism, Hotel, Hospitality and Hetitage Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia. The fest has… Continue reading Safarnama 2k18


Book for a Cause

I am not one of the avid readers, neither am I a well-read person. I am one of those who spend money on books just to decorate their own little library. I like to sit between books, with a cup of warm coffee, in a comfortable arm chair, swinging as the air swiftly touches my… Continue reading Book for a Cause