“Who weighs more?”

The calendar fluttered to mark Sunday morning, Flying birds winged ‘hello’ with their chirping; In the living room was a fine gentleman, Gratifying himself with the coffee in his hand. Feasting his eyes with the art hung on wall, The golden pot with the flowers got his musings called! “What if in situ stood palpable… Continue reading “Who weighs more?”



The time has taught us, To remember and learn. But we humans can never earn, The prospects of history that you create. Words that you have bound, On the young minds A day comes for this earth, We revolve again in that clock And see the land that has bled, A land so impure. With… Continue reading GORY HISTORY CLOCK


धरती, धर्म और भूख : एक संकलन।

नभ में चहका लख लाल देख लिखता बहता कंकाल देख आप ही संहारता आहिस्ता आहिस्ता हृदय निकाल फेंक आहिस्ते हृदय निकाल फेंक । मायूस नैन जर्जर काया ना आवे नजर किसी जमघट में, नह तृप्त करे कोहि मोह माया, ख्वाहिश तमाम रस्ते अनेक हर ख्वाहिश हिस्से एकहई स्वर हर ख्वाहिश हिस्से घाट एक । नह… Continue reading धरती, धर्म और भूख : एक संकलन।

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When Art meets Literature…

Greetings. I am Arifa from English Hons. I have had the privilege of being the head of the Art and Crafts department of The Jamia Review. I am an art fanatic, vivid reader, a numismatist and sometimes, a debater. My favourite place is the library. And I will be happy as long as I have… Continue reading When Art meets Literature…