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Political Apathy: Why a Necessity?

Choosing to remain deaf to the ongoing political revolutions in the country doesn't make you apolitical but in turn puts you on the side of the oppressor rather. In this modern world, where every decision that's made has a political conottation, pretending to be serene by unjust laws being passed in the country counts as… Continue reading Political Apathy: Why a Necessity?

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Indian Education Industry: An ‘Iso’ 1947:2019 Certified Company

A country of 1.3 billion people that is engaged in producing students in 'robotic' form further constitutes to 20% of India's population and 35% of world's youth and yet the Indian Education System continues to deteriorate and stray away further from the essence of real education. Where every hour, a student commits suicide and 33%… Continue reading Indian Education Industry: An ‘Iso’ 1947:2019 Certified Company