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Caste System: A Blot on Human Rights

In times when basic rights violations are at it's peak with examples like the Citizenship Amendment Bill in India & Xinjiang Reeducation Camps in China, caste Discrimination takes a jab in it's most nascent form this International Human Rights Day. International Human Rights Day is observed globally on the 10th of December every year. This… Continue reading Caste System: A Blot on Human Rights

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No room for the Poor

People in a fling for carpentering contemporary Indian cities rarely examine the humanitarian cost of demolishing slums and shanty towns. A day after the new year’s eve, the people living in shacks in grimy surroundings of Batla House, Okhla, were abandoned due to their dwellings being dismantled by the administration. In addition to the intensity… Continue reading No room for the Poor

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Through the lens : MCRC Student showing you the bleak reality of ‘Life under the Gutter’

Life Under the Gutter The stench of manholes steaming up in the lanes of Taimoor Nagar has a man under it cleaning, a devastated truth of India, he is Uttam, a human scavenger. Human Scavenging is completely Banned in India under the “The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013’’  this caste-based… Continue reading Through the lens : MCRC Student showing you the bleak reality of ‘Life under the Gutter’


चार धाम में गिरे ये चित चौरासी बार हैं।

दूध पर जमी मलाई का भगौना भर गया, आज माँ ने पिन्नियाँ बनानी हैं। घर में घी जो बन रहा, बने बिना बिखर गया, आज चूल्हे आग न लगानी है। साग जो बिलखती माँ के खून से निखर गया, आज आँसू से फसल उगानी है। बेतहाशा बद तमीज़ बच्चे जो हैं पल रहे, कंठ कड़वा,… Continue reading चार धाम में गिरे ये चित चौरासी बार हैं।


The Red Grass

Aristotle said that The harmony is the medium of music; At dawn, the sound of the flute or lyre Is an imitation Of one's warmth. I see, this is why Filters were invented To conceal the warmth To envy the chords. The monsoon must have cried As hundred hands tore open Two young bodies While… Continue reading The Red Grass


इंसान बन सकोगे तुम ?

क्या अपना सकोगे तुम सूखे पेड़ से लटकी हुइ शाखों को रंडी खानो में भिखरे हुए बालों को, और गर्भ को, और चेतनाओं को, और उस दिल को, और उस हारे हुए जिस्म को क्या अपना सकोगे तुम । . क्या संवार सकोगे तुम उन भिखरे हुए बालों को, लटकी हुइ खालों को, या तने… Continue reading इंसान बन सकोगे तुम ?



The time has taught us, To remember and learn. But we humans can never earn, The prospects of history that you create. Words that you have bound, On the young minds A day comes for this earth, We revolve again in that clock And see the land that has bled, A land so impure. With… Continue reading GORY HISTORY CLOCK


धरती, धर्म और भूख : एक संकलन।

नभ में चहका लख लाल देख लिखता बहता कंकाल देख आप ही संहारता आहिस्ता आहिस्ता हृदय निकाल फेंक आहिस्ते हृदय निकाल फेंक । मायूस नैन जर्जर काया ना आवे नजर किसी जमघट में, नह तृप्त करे कोहि मोह माया, ख्वाहिश तमाम रस्ते अनेक हर ख्वाहिश हिस्से एकहई स्वर हर ख्वाहिश हिस्से घाट एक । नह… Continue reading धरती, धर्म और भूख : एक संकलन।

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The Oppressor And The Oppressed

"Just because the opressor is bad, doesn't mean that the opressed is good," said Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak in a lecture on the title 'What Is It To Translate?' in M.A. Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Millia Islamia, as she discussed the problems that subalterns face. This statement, despite all the things she said, stuck with me for… Continue reading The Oppressor And The Oppressed


Masoom Bacchi (معصوم بچی)

Masoom Bacchi Aao baithein zara kuch kaam karein Insaniyat ke naam ye ek paigham karein Izzat mao behno ki looti ja chuki hai bahut Na bhare zakhm par marham tu zara aam karein Imaan gar na becha ho abhi tak tumne Rooh ka sauda gar na kia ho tumne Insaniyat kuch gar zinda ho abhi… Continue reading Masoom Bacchi (معصوم بچی)