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Elitist Exploitation of the Proletarian Pack : How to avoid being sheep in that regard

Even in the 21st century, we choose blissful ignorance over identifying ways in which the government fleeced our ancestors, and still continues to do so. We ignore the recurring signs that tell us that we’re all still stuck with the herd mentality. Because we presuppose that government works for our welfare, forgetting that it is… Continue reading Elitist Exploitation of the Proletarian Pack : How to avoid being sheep in that regard



इन नए बसते इलाकों में जहाँ रोज बन रहे हैं नए-नए मकान मैं अकसर रास्ता भूल जाता हूँ, धोखा दे जाते हैं पुराने निशान Up until the last generation, if you had to meet a friend, you would go to their house, where you would not just be greeted by your friend but their family,… Continue reading MARKET ECONOMY AND CULTURE

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Jamia Administration’s unrelenting fundamentalism

I am reminded today of Malaysia, a perfectly happy society slowly being divided by the over-enthusiasm of fundamentalism. Only to be reminded of my alma mater. Making a case for the educated minority while still reinforcing the same things that have held an entire section back for ages now. Jamia administration rolled back their relaxation… Continue reading Jamia Administration’s unrelenting fundamentalism


धरती, धर्म और भूख : एक संकलन।

नभ में चहका लख लाल देख लिखता बहता कंकाल देख आप ही संहारता आहिस्ता आहिस्ता हृदय निकाल फेंक आहिस्ते हृदय निकाल फेंक । मायूस नैन जर्जर काया ना आवे नजर किसी जमघट में, नह तृप्त करे कोहि मोह माया, ख्वाहिश तमाम रस्ते अनेक हर ख्वाहिश हिस्से एकहई स्वर हर ख्वाहिश हिस्से घाट एक । नह… Continue reading धरती, धर्म और भूख : एक संकलन।

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A Letter to a Benign Soul

Dear, I looked at you like a parched traveller would look at a mirage with anticipatory hopelessness. Your tastefully armoured benign soul made me intrigued. Like a book with each chapter more absurd, appaling yet irresistible. It wasn't some adventure seeking naivety however it was a strong desire to fathom the ocean of revelation. You… Continue reading A Letter to a Benign Soul

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The Oppressor And The Oppressed

"Just because the opressor is bad, doesn't mean that the opressed is good," said Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak in a lecture on the title 'What Is It To Translate?' in M.A. Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Millia Islamia, as she discussed the problems that subalterns face. This statement, despite all the things she said, stuck with me for… Continue reading The Oppressor And The Oppressed

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When Art meets Literature…

Greetings. I am Arifa from English Hons. I have had the privilege of being the head of the Art and Crafts department of The Jamia Review. I am an art fanatic, vivid reader, a numismatist and sometimes, a debater. My favourite place is the library. And I will be happy as long as I have… Continue reading When Art meets Literature…


GET OUT (Director- Jordan Peele)

I say it again and again, there are good movies, then there are cinematic languages. Movies that define and illustrate a genre for generations to come. The Exorcist for horror was the defining milestone. Generating what is henceforth seen as the parameters of a good horror movie. 2017 was a year when Jordan Peeele changed… Continue reading GET OUT (Director- Jordan Peele)