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Political Apathy: Why a Necessity?

Choosing to remain deaf to the ongoing political revolutions in the country doesn't make you apolitical but in turn puts you on the side of the oppressor rather. In this modern world, where every decision that's made has a political conottation, pretending to be serene by unjust laws being passed in the country counts as… Continue reading Political Apathy: Why a Necessity?


New Age Atheism: A Bourgeoisie Tendency

Lenin said and I quote "Atheism without Marxism is incomplete and inconsistent." Adding more to his comment, he also said that atheism is a natural and inescapable part of Marxism. Given this, a question probably arises as to which non-marxist things makes atheism inconsistent and incomplete? The answer to this question constitutes the objective of… Continue reading New Age Atheism: A Bourgeoisie Tendency