Sunday, 1st December: On account of delayed opening of AMU Kishanganj Centre, Sabir Alam, Huzaifa Abdur Rahman, Soban Mustansar Ahmad, Subhan organised a 'Talk on Education for All' with special relevance to AMU Kishanganj, Issues of Students & Residents of Bihar and grievances & concern over poor literacy rate of Simanchal which was held at… Continue reading A talk on EDUCATION FOR ALL

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No room for the Poor

People in a fling for carpentering contemporary Indian cities rarely examine the humanitarian cost of demolishing slums and shanty towns. A day after the new year’s eve, the people living in shacks in grimy surroundings of Batla House, Okhla, were abandoned due to their dwellings being dismantled by the administration. In addition to the intensity… Continue reading No room for the Poor