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Daily Soaps: Tried & Tested

In the ever so evolving era, where does Indian Television stand? Indian soaps we all quite frankly know are boring and repetitive, same plot lines stretched over eons (not an exaggeration), the lovers going in circles, the evil sagas. But why is Indian television so outdated? I remember after a long day of work, my… Continue reading Daily Soaps: Tried & Tested

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When Art meets Literature…

Greetings. I am Arifa from English Hons. I have had the privilege of being the head of the Art and Crafts department of The Jamia Review. I am an art fanatic, vivid reader, a numismatist and sometimes, a debater. My favourite place is the library. And I will be happy as long as I have… Continue reading When Art meets Literature…



When was the last time you held an actual photo in your hand? I grew up with physical photo albums and picture frames. These days, though, you’d be hard-pressed to find photo printouts — most pictures are stored in your camera roll or tucked away as “Memories” on your Facebook feed. A nifty device will… Continue reading HP SPROCKET REVIEW: THE SMALLEST INSTANT PRINTER

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बीबी फ़िज़ा और नामहरम कंडक्टर

यूँ तो 507 का रोज़ ही बेमन से इंतज़ार किया जाता है, पर आज एक दिलचस्प वाकया हुआ। हमेशा की तरह कॉलेज से निकलते-निकलते 9 बज गए और फ़िज़ा जामिया बस स्टैंड पर हाज़िरी देने पहुँच गई, वैसे तो जनाब हर दफ़ा साथ होते हैं पर आज उन्हें भी जल्दी जाना था, तो वह अकेली ही बस के लिए पलकें बिछाए… Continue reading बीबी फ़िज़ा और नामहरम कंडक्टर


A Glimmering Journey with Theatre

One of the most significant events on the second day of Safarnama was the performance by Shilpi Marwaha's theatre group Sukhmanch Theatre. Marwaha is one of the most well known names in Delhi Theatre Circuit having worked as a theatre artist and activist for the past decade. She gained prominence through her activism through street theatre… Continue reading A Glimmering Journey with Theatre