DUO-India Fellowship Award for JMI Professor

On the 13th of November, Professor Simi Malhotra, Director, North-East Studies and Policy Research (CNESPR) and Professor, Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia was selected for the 2020 DUO-India Professor Award along with Zeno Ackermann of Germany’s Julius Maximilians Universitat, Wuerzburg who will be sharing this award with her. The award grants 3,000 Euroes to… Continue reading DUO-India Fellowship Award for JMI Professor


GET OUT (Director- Jordan Peele)

I say it again and again, there are good movies, then there are cinematic languages. Movies that define and illustrate a genre for generations to come. The Exorcist for horror was the defining milestone. Generating what is henceforth seen as the parameters of a good horror movie. 2017 was a year when Jordan Peeele changed… Continue reading GET OUT (Director- Jordan Peele)