The Jamia Review (TJR) is a New Wave Multi-Inclusive Journal, ministered totally & exclusively by the students of Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI), it aims to expand the horizons of journalism by substantially harnessing the synergies of multiple disciplines of writing, photography, videography & graphic designing in order to break the inertia of monotony & rigidity. Through continual experimentation & comprehensive emphasis, coupled with the objective of preserving ethical journalism debarring partisanship and conjectures, TJR provides an in depth analysis and reportage of happenings in and around Jamia, with the hope of covering all that concerns the students of the varsity and the youth of today; events coverage, art display, book, films & gadget reviews are some to list in this course. Our endeavor also lies in providing an overall holistic work environment and inculcation of teamwork and coordination among its members, we promise to provide a staunch platform for intercession between individual efforts and an engaging audience in this regard. The organization entails adequate scope for talent acquisition and their individual development; providing healthy opportunities, veritable exposure, work experience and evaluative reports from time to time in our regular meetings at various junctures. Our progress over the past, collaborations with other institutions and bodies, and a healthy reception from all, transcends all boundaries and instills us with significant energy and passion to achieve greater feats and set more marks in the coming future.

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