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Being Real Life Hero at the time of Global Crisis

During this pandemic situation every local or state leader should take the responsibility of its people and work from the frontline because it is not possible for the state government to handle everything and work at the ground level. Every responsible person should be aware of its responsibilities and work accordingly as they are more aware of their surroundings.

Few sectors that should be at priority are as follows:

1) Agriculture

Agriculture sector is the key to support the economy. All the farmers should be helped, they should be promised minimum wages or guarantee insurance for crop failures. As farmers don’t have money to invest they should be given loan at a very minimal rate and gurantee of loan repayment from the government incase the farmer is unable to pay. Government should ensure no land should be left idle and farmers should be helped be in irrigation or providing easy and low rate fertilizers. Fisheries and horticulture should also be supported. Bihar can become a hub of different crops or seeds if proper planning and support is given to the farmers.

2) Education

Education is one of the most important thing that should be taken care of. The quality of education in bihar is pathetic every government school is seen with poor infrastructure, low quality teachers or reluctance of the teachers to commit to their work, poor and negative environment. Basic things like teacher training, mild day meal, clean, green and positive environment should be kept in priority. No teachers should be allowed to give private tuitions and every local coaching institute should be used as an aid for the students. A official body must be appointed who will keep a check on the proper functioning of the services. Bihar government should take inspiration from delhi government and can take advice from them to revolutionized education.

3) Healthcare

It is very important for a state to keep its people healthy. The Condition of the government hospital is not satisfactory be it the infrastructure, cleanliness or positive environment, availability of the medicines or vaccines and proper ambulance facilities. Nurses in the hospital are not properly trained well. A training session should be arranged for them also for other staffs. Doctors should either be permissible to work in hospital only or to run their own private clinic. A large scale vaccination programme should be arranged for the children in order to protect them from different diseases. Private hospital should not take fees beyond a limitation and the government should instruct the private hospitals to provide free medical facilities to atleast 30% of its poor patients.

Danish Anwer
Entrepreneur and Social Worker

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