No End to End Sems for Jamia Faculty of Law

While the other departments of Jamia are giving their end-semester exams, Faculty of Law celebrates 10 more days of off for the students with less attendance. This plays as a positive for both the ‘less attendees’ and the ‘regulars’ as they look forward to their exams beginning after 15th December.

From 5th December 2019, Faculty of law, Jamia Milia Islamia had ought to conduct the semester exams of the enrolled students but on the very day before the exam, i.e. 4th December 2019, it unveiled the overall attendance list of the students with the jolting announcement of postponing the semester exams till the time unascertained.

Students of Faculty of Law, JMI
Image Credits: India Today

Yes, you read it right. While all other departments of the varsity are busy conducting their semester exams, Faculty of Law got its feet wet by adjourning the end-semester exams out of the blue and unlike any other department, by proffering the defaulters with a diamond opportunity to expiate for their short attendance by coming to class regularly from 5th December to 15th December.
Faculty of Law paved the way for all the other departments of Jamia Milia Islamia to forsake their arbitrary discretion when it comes to harsh attendance policy & to follow a legit procedure pepper with clemency.

Notice from COE, JMI
Image Credits: Zeeshan Ahmed

I am not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome but I cannot resist myself from panegyrizing the management of the Faculty of Law for its exceptional showcase of benignity.
The decision of rescheduling the exams is acquiescent, quite a rare phenomenon in the Faculty of Law as tacitly, students here are always set to instigate establishment related upheavals but this resolution came across no major dissent because it benefitted not only the absentees but also the regular students as now they are getting additional time to go through the syllabus once again which in turn will help them in scoring better grades.
“The administration has taken a prodigious step with the sole intent of helping the students with insufficient attendance and it is beneficial for us also as now, we can go for revision of the syllabus in depth.”
As quoted by Fras Abbas, student of Faculty of Law, JMI.
The postponement of the semester exams might appear to be akin to neurosis to some students & they may give vitriolic statements about the same but by and large, it is nothing less than a succour to the damoiseau in distress.

Sadaf Parvez Rajput, BA LLB (Hons.), Jamia Millia Islamia

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