DUO-India Fellowship Award for JMI Professor

On the 13th of November, Professor Simi Malhotra, Director, North-East Studies and Policy Research (CNESPR) and Professor, Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia was selected for the 2020 DUO-India Professor Award along with Zeno Ackermann of Germany’s Julius Maximilians Universitat, Wuerzburg who will be sharing this award with her.

The award grants 3,000 Euroes to each awardee as a part of the DUO- India Fellowship Programme, which has been successfully established earlier this year to promote a healthy academic exchange between India and European countries on a balanced and permanent basis. However, the eligibility criteria to participate includes institutes that are part of the Joint Research Projects under Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC). Aiming to enhance mobility between Indian and European institutes, this great initiative funds every year 100 student-pairs for exchanges for one semester, starting from 2020 onwards. Similarly, 50 pairs of faculty exchange is also a part of the programme.

“It’s nothing, the credit durely goes to Professor Nishat Zaidi, HOD, Department of English, she is the one who set the SPARC ball rolling and of course, Professor Zahid Ashraf, for supporting all our endeavours.”

– Professor Malhotra’s response on her achievement

Professor Malhotra with Otojit Kshetrimayum of V.V. Giri National Labor Institute at CNESPR, JMI

Professor Malhotra has a BA (Hons) English degree from Delhi University’s Gargi College, after which she moved to the Jawaharlal Nehru University for her masters and doctoral studies. Later, she began teaching at the Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia where she previously also held the post as the Coordinator of the International Relations and Outreach Programme. She has even served as an Advisor, Academics, Media and Culture on deputation to former Lt. Governor of Delhi and former Vice-Chancellor of JMI, Najeeb Jung.

I remember the class group simply buzzing with energetic texts the night the award got announced. I think I can safely say that our class couldn’t be happier or proud. Most of us have not missed any of her lectures and it’s fun to both listen and speak in her lectures and every single time we walk out of the classroom; we get to know something new. The award feels like an acknowledgement of all the way in which she touches our lives and makes us better individuals. And I’d just like to congratulate her and send love, love and love.

– quotes Antara, Student, M.A. English, JMI

Thus, it can be rightly said, that Professor Malhotra is totally deserving of this unique title bestowed upon her and this perfectly compliments her dedication, she has never failed to surprise the University with her immense potential and experience and we wish we get to learn more from her in coming future.


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