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Reviving the Art of Bamboo – An Initiative of Enactus JMI

Enactus JMI, the non-profit organisation being run in the university as a chapter of the international Enactus community has found its way towards reviving bamboo art and promotion of its cultivation. The idea has been realised under the banner of Project ‘Irtiqa’. Functioning since October 2018, the project started with the utilisation of bamboo in the vicinity of Jamia Nagar. The primary idea was to use it as a means of providing a stable livelihood to the community of Sambhal artisans residing in Batla House. The skilled artisans could not find a potential market for their skills due to the high expense of raw material and lack of opportunities. Economic impediments of impoverished conditions also proved to be a hindrance for the same. Thus, Enactus JMI, acting on its motto of ‘Socially Diligent’, acted as a bridge and brought the products made by the community directly to the market. The products were also sold on the society’s e-commerce website – Enactus JMI Store where the handicrafts have met with enthusiasm from art lovers and those keen of artefacts.

The project is also aligned with the National Bamboo Mission functioning since 2006 across the country. The NBM’s key objectives are to address issues relating to the development of the bamboo industry in the country, provide a new impetus and direction and enable the realisation of India’s considerable potential in bamboo production.

The students of Enactus JMI have worked with a holistic approach to curb the issues faced by the community, in turn uplifting the members and spreading awareness regarding the aspects of ‘green building’ through the utilization of bamboo. Such student bodies, like ‘Enactus JMI’ working towards the greater good of underprivileged communities and spreading the entrepreneurial spirit provide us with hope for the future.

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