A Guide to Lexicon ’19

The Department of English added its colors and words to this festive season via it’s Annual Literary Fest ‘Lexicon’ held on 25th & 26th of March in utmost vibrance & sonority.

The fest was based on ‘Web Literature’ which seeked to capture the transition of media that literature is undergoing,  especially with the advent of internet. Keeping this in mind the events we’re designed in accordance to the online & offline activities to aptly sum up the idea of web litature on the scaffolding of visibility & visuality.

In the inaugural session cinematographer Yasir Abbasi presided over the chair for the keynote address with the esteemed faculty members of the Department at the FTK-CIT, it was followed by an insightful book discussion of Yasir Abbasis’ Urdu memoir of Cinema legend – Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai chaired by Dr. Anuradha Ghosh.

Then we had the Bookstagram panel discussion to discuss the concept & build an online community of readers, with Rhea @rufusreads,  Aayushi @penandpapers,  Apurva & Mansi @frenchflap_and_deckledgesin the panel moderated by Sumaiyya @sumaiyya.books.

The CBESPR Conference room then witnessed the talent of our budding filmmakers pertaining in Panorama: The filmmaking competition.  The incredible jury of Sudhesh Unniraman, Yasir Abbasi, Anugyan Nagar & Mahavir Singh Bisht adjudged 5 fiction & docufiction films in each category parallel to the Twitterature contest which compromised of Twihaiku & Microtale creation from a common tweet aligned from a hashtag series. Divyani Srivastava & Gagandeep Singh Vaid declared the winners for this event.

With some didactic Nukkad Nataks presented by the students of Vayam,  Deshbandhu & ARSD college captured the eyeballs.

Githa Hariharan held the dais with an exuberant storytelling from her latest book ‘I have become the Tide’ to the literatis which was chaired by Dr. Shuby Abidi.

The first day ended on a tranquil note with an absolutely pulchrutidinuous ambience in the Seminar Hall for Alfaaz: The poetry slam with Isha Yadav & Saumya Kulshreshtha as the judges for the event and M Sayed Alam & Rajesh Tiwari reviewed the contestants of the Happily Ever After Party, and gave some kind suggestion in this regard.

The second and the final day of the event was immensely important for someone to broke the ice for the new set of events lined up for the day. At first we had a very thought-provoking panel discussion on Web Literature in the Times of Troll. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Roomi Naqvi . The deliberation took up issues relating to one’s social sanity and safety in the times of trolling and gassing up wars on social platforms.

After a successful round of productive exchange of ideas in the panel discussion, next off was a much-awaited book reading and conversational session. The session on the book Beloved Delhi was talked over by the author himself,  the New Delhi based author, poet, literary critic and an Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, Dr Saif Mahmood. The session was moderated by Dr. Sabaa M Bashir. The interaction went about with consistent enthusiasm with the intriguing toss of heads ranging from Ghalib to Zafar to Zauq.

Post lunch break was the  Paper Presentations on World-Wide Web. The event included a 3000 word-long student paper presentations on the state of Literature viz. Web culture. The jury for this event were, Dr. A C Kharingapam and Rajorshi Das.

Following the presentations was the Fan-Fiction Writing Competition, Fandummies. Setting sights on celebrating the not-so-widely appreciated but largely practised island universe of fan fictions.

The concluding competitive event was the open mic session, Ramblr. A pasticcio of performances ranging from medleys to stand-ups to slam poetry, the event was at top of the ladder,  matching the tastes of the audience.  The jury included, RJ Simran Kolhi, Ehmed Ridwan and Dr. Saroj Kumar Mahanada to do us the honours, after a tiring day loaded with events the open mic boomed with its lively performances bringing the fest to a closure before the valedictory session.

The valedictory session gave the two day fest it’s deserved enthralling ending with the presence of  Delhi based author and blogger, Mayank Austen Soofi as the chief guest and Dr. M Asaduddin as the Guest of Honour.  The crowd listened with rapt attention and in awe as the brief interaction with them unfolded on an array of topics relating to literature and writing. It was followed by the felicitation of winners from the various events. Last came the vote of thanks proposed by the ELA advisor Shuby Abidi, with which the curtains were brought down for LEXICON’19.

This was all from the team until next time.

Narhitya Nawal & Md. Faizan Salik
Department of English, JMI

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