Amir Khusrau once said:
Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.
If there is a heaven on earth.It's here, It's here, It's here
It's in Kashmir 
He said it right
It was Indeed a Valley that shone bright
Beauteous, simple and pristine
Lofty Mountains,sloppy peaks and chilly springs.
Chinar would be seen in different hues.
The refulgent red, chromatic, yellow and mauves.
Whose Psithurism embraced by every other man.

It seems it caught an evil eye.
It faces waves of unrest and brutishness.
Curfew, is something common here.
This land has been plunged into the violence for years.
For Days and months people stay like a prisoner Behind the doors, 
Of their own abodes.
The markets can be seen with the downed shutters.
The lanes and streets barely seen with flutters.
Rivers there now stream with blood.
Pellet gun victims are seen on the streetwards.
It consists of a grey man to a little toddler.
Their eyes and faces ruptured by the volley of shots.

Each scar telling a story.
Well, These things are totally normal here.
Cause It's a land between two hostile neighbours
"Who will keep the territory?"
This question is being raised for years.
Pulwama a deadly attack occurred recently. 
Yes, our forty soldiers were killed in the blast.
But wait, what?
Even for this Kashmiris were being thrashed.
Newspapers were filled with the ruthless beatings of the innocents following the aftermath.
Vendors and traders
Students and hucksters
Were rushing back to their tattered land.
Mothers glancing from the windows 
Awaiting for their scions,
And Dal lake was seen frozen
Mourning the horrendous scenario

-Monazza Aarfa

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