L to REx Rajya Sabha MP Shri. Mohammed Adeeb, V.K Tripathi – Founder of SADBHAV MISSION and Advocate Fuizail Ahmad Ayyubi

Mahatma Gandhi always talked of self-sufficiency because he knew that his call for purna swaraj would only be answered if the Indian was wholly self-reliant. He knew that this self-reliance could only come from confidence, a sense of which could only be instilled via. Self-sufficiency. If, the Indian was going to be Independent, and ask for freedom he would have to be wholly Independent which includes financial self-sufficiency. Gandhiji talked of small-scale industry, nativity, non-violence and decentralisation, which is what the session built upon.

The DSSW along with Sadbhav Mission organised an enlightening and insightful session on “Gandhian Doctrine and Contemporary Issues” on Sunday, February 17 in the Lecture Hall of the Department of Social Work, Delhi University. The event was graced by Shri. Mohammed Adeeb, Ex-Rajya Sabha MP.

Maria Uzma Ansari speaking at the event

The event started with Professor Sanjai Bhatt, from the Delhi Social of Social Work addressing the guests, professors, students and peers present in the audience, touching on themes like small scale industry, culture, state, society and non-violence which set the tone of the program. Next, V.K Tripathi, from the Sadbhav Mission addressed the audience and talked of Gandhian non-violence, Gandhian Economics and humanitarianism. Two students from Jamia Millia Islamia, Maria Uzma Ansari & Mohd. Abdullah spoke on the welfare of farmers & the impact of economics on culture respectively.

Mohd. Abdullah speaking at the event

A lecture was then delivered by Pratap Chandra Behera, Assistant Professor, DSSW who organised the entire event in collaboration with Sadbhav Mission. Advocate Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi then spoke on the issue of citizenship and the Assam NRC. 

Meeran Haider, Scholar from JMI and President of Youth RJD, speaking at the event

The scholar and student activist, youth leader Meeran Haider, president of Youth Rashtriya Janata Dal from Jamia Millia Islamia was also present at the event as a Speaker.

The session welcomed new perspectives as well as food for thought, it came to an end with a question and answer session on the plight of the farmers, which allowed people to come up with pragmatic solutions to tackle the problems of farmers to give them relief from issues like debt trap.

Ideas evolve through debate and dissent, they are like tributaries and distributaries which is why they should be allowed to flow freely. The only things that travel faster than ideas are light and time. Ideas diffuse, they rise independently, they travel, humans can only be carriers of ideas and no political border, no geographical boundary and definitely no wall can stop them from spreading.

-Maria Uzma Ansari
Jamia Millia Islamia

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