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No room for the Poor

People in a fling for carpentering contemporary Indian cities rarely examine the humanitarian cost of demolishing slums and shanty towns. A day after the new year’s eve, the people living in shacks in grimy surroundings of Batla House, Okhla, were abandoned due to their dwellings being dismantled by the administration. In addition to the intensity of the insensitive act, the administration had absolutely no order given by the court supporting the action. The municipality jerkily brought down the shacks bulldozing them without any notice or time being given to those people. Normally the court demands the administration to follow the legal modus operandi of giving a 15 day prior notice to the targeted community in order to enable them to arrange for their shelter. In spite of the legal confines being set, the people of that area were dislodged and left to wander in the chilling cold weather of Delhi and, have still not been allocated any place! The administration cannot and should not get away with the act of annihilating homes and calling it development especially when they are not even following the legal guidelines. What the authorities describe as demolition is actually the sabotaging of not just houses but of homes and of lives residing in those.

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The team members of Enactus JMI who work with the underprivileged people residing in the area, learned about the incident and hence have come forward to help them out. In the effort to do so help is needed which can be provided by raising funds or collection drives. We urge you to kindly step forward and lend a hand in collecting money for them.

Anyone willing to contribute to this noble cause can donate any amount:

Account No 26450100011004

UPI : mdkafilkhan2012@okhdfcbank

Paytm8750038685 (Kafil) 

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-Narhitya Nawal, B.A Eng.Hons, Jamia Millia Islamia

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