DESIGN THINKING: The New Way For The Millennial Age

Times have changed and multi-functionality is the need and demand of the hour. The world is on a whole new stage and our day to day challenges seek multi-dimensional solutions and require going beyond basic applications of current products and services. This is where design thinking comes into play.

On November 20, 2018, The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) organized a special lecture seminar on the topic ‘design thinking’ which was headed by the Guest Professor Padmanabhan Seshaiyer who is currently the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at George Mason University, Virginia, USA.

The lecture event started with a brief introduction by the director of CIE on the purpose for holding the lecture followed by a small description about the different projects that CIE has been doing to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship spirit in students. The stage was handed over to professor Seshaiyer after a felicitation ceremony.

Professor Seshaiyer is an alumni of BITS-Pilani and is professionally a mathematician but is also a great orator and has good experience in the field of design thinking as well.

He began with a brief on design thinking and went on to talk about the basic aspects of the concept. There are 3 aspects according to him which are as following:

1.Empathy (human-centered)

2.Ideation (generation of ideas)


Design thinking makes the customer the focal point of design for any solution, and it consistently applies the values embraced by this approach, such as empathy, diversity, and ambiguity and what design thinking does,in essence,is incorporate these aspects into a coherent and repeatable process.

He talked about the practical implications of the concept in our day to day and also talked to us about how according to him gone are the days when students were mere consumers of information because now students are bigger producers of information.

He exemplified his point with the examples of how a bunch of his own students came up with a viable solution for solving the menace of animal abuse in Tanzania where one elephant is killed every 15 minutes and also told us how another bunch of his students came up with a solution to help Zika infected people and then the same set of ideas were used by one of these students to get his brother rid of a local gang in his town.

This  was an interactive session with a set of practical demonstrations shown to the students by the professor which had all the students amazed and everyone got to know a great deal about design thinking.

It was a topic which seemed to be a totally foreign concept to us before the seminar but with the vivid explanation by Professor Seshaiyer we all understand it better now.



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