Monday, November 12, 2018; Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) has always believed in the representation of the minorities, being a minority institution itself it accommodates many significant groups like The Northeast Student’s Association (NESA) & The Jamia Queer Collective (JQC) who recently collaborated with The Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research(CNESPR) , JMI for the screening of a short film ‘Please Mind the Gap’ at the Conference Room of CNESPR , Indo-Arab Cultural Centre, JMI. The Jamia Queer Collective or the JQC is a new-born organisation on the face of Jamia and is aimed at promoting the interests of the LGBTQ community who had lots of aspirations from their first event, NESA as its Cultural Secretary Malika Chamua speaks ‘’It stands for Diversity, Integrity and Equality believes in promotion and upliftment of all” and thus organised this event which incepted with a speech by Prof. Simi Malhotra who heeds everyone with ‘Let’s make colour the future’. The event was marked by the presence of the directors of the movie, Mitali Trivedi and Gagandeep Singh who gave an insightful introduction to the movie, which tells the tale of Anshuman, and his metro diaries with regard to the politics of sexuality and perceptions that is anticipated in the society especially for the LGBTQ community who are striving for their rights. Anshuman discusses his problems and his actions to overcome them that served as an inspiration to many with empathy being a prime factor. The movie received praise from all the people present there and was followed by a discussion where the directors were put forth with the questions which the directors answered to. It was followed by a high-tea where both the directors and Prof. Simi Malhotra were presented with tokens of gratitude.

Further, NESA president Kuldeep Bhattacharya speaks for the Queer community with these words in support that ‘’we are quite under developed and bringing inter-sexuality into account without being judged should be our motto.’’

It was the members of the JQC who talked about their views and experiences that substantially highlighted the intensity of the issue. Where Mritika says that ‘‘My current partner is not a validation of my gender’’ is still finding the appropriate label for her; Prerna reconciles ‘‘I felt pretty isolated after I found out that I was a lesbian and felt that there’s something wrong with me’’ she even talks of how literature and the internet helped her out. Kiki who is suffering from OCD shares about the problems that he faces because of his sexual orientation.

The anecdotes were shared with emotions brimming out of them,the need of collective development and support to one another is a much needed thing apart from the judicial validation which is just a small step in their journey.

At last, a vote of thanks proposed by the NESA General Secretary, Saara Rehman who expresses her gratitude for the success of the event and her wish for similar collaborations with the JQC in near future.

She acknowledged everyone for their presence and thanked all for extending their support, the event ended with the note ‘Let the Colours Fly’

-Md. Faizan Salik And Mustafiza Mubarak

Jamia Millia Islamia

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