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On Monday October 8th, 2018; Waqas Khalid, campus journalist of The Jamia Review, interviewed some students from the Turkish Department for the ongoing protest and hunger strike being carried out by the them against the mismanagement caused by the faculty of Humanities and Languages.


Three students were the main interviewees from the first, second and third year, apiece.The protest sparked when the Dean of the Faculty refused to pay heed to the requests being put forward by the Turkish department students. Nida, one of the the interviewees, disclosed that their session commenced on July 16th, however the classes had failed to begin. All they did, was shuttle back and forth from the Dean’s office to their classes without even a clue of their time-tables or syllabus.


All the courses within the department had been facing similar challenges for the past year and a half, said the third year student, Adnan. The students struggled with the attestation on subject forms by the HOD, because there was none. Further on, they were made promises of resettlement of their department into the department of International Relations, which turned out to be an unsurprising hoax. When every other departments’ students were contently making friends and going merrily to their respective classes, the students of the Turkish Department were busy running around awaiting the issuance of meagre ID card forms.Previously, after disorganisation, entailing scanty and irregular classes, the department was also audacious enough to conduct an exam of 100 marks rather than the usual 75 marks marking scheme.


Jamia, being among the top 5 BA institutes in India, ranked 201st among the top Asian Universities and 801st in the world, according to Times’ Higher Education, exhibits such a callous faculty with regards to the Turkish Department. And yet, the students were not blinded by rage in commenting that they wouldn’t form a biased opinion solely on the basis of one department. The protesting students wanted their basic demands to be fulfilled which included the commencement of regular classes with a proper schedule, increase in the time duration of each class, the removal of the revised syllabus and restoration of the old one, resettlement of their department into the IR Department, the restoration of the certificate and diploma courses into the semester mode from the annual mode and unbiased as well as just consideration of the students to be sent for the scholarship program purely based on merit with a requirement of an NOC Certificate. Furthermore, on being asked whether the presence of a Student Union would have helped with the same, there were quite a number of enthusiastic nods agreeing with the suggestion. The students felt, that solidarity is what will help strengthen their protest and make their voices heard to the masses,as they don’t want their successors to face what they had been facing. Since, Turkish Department till date remains on of the most august and promising department in terms of placement, it should not be denied of the most basic need, i.e., education.

YouTube video link –


Report by – Kasturi Ghosh
Interviewed by – Waqas Khalid
Social Media Crew – Jeena, Shaireen, Fazariya, Aashrey and Sahiba 

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