Short stories

A Letter to a Benign Soul

unnamed (1)Dear,

I looked at you like a parched traveller would look at a mirage with anticipatory hopelessness. Your tastefully armoured benign soul made me intrigued. Like a book with each chapter more absurd, appaling yet irresistible.
It wasn’t some adventure seeking naivety however it was a strong desire to fathom the ocean of revelation. You were a mystery, a dangerous one yet I let your charms enchant me. I thought it will be an endless chase, distance won’t hamper the race. I want to keep the string of attachments tangled because I like untangling them, you see the unquenched thrill to solve an unsolvable puzzle. Today, when you said you feared we won’t meet again , I was threatened . I won’t let this game end. The endless joy of enduring the pain of ignorance. The only relationship we can have is that of a seeker and sought. I hope you understand.

Can’t be yours


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