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If you’re in a dilemma, whether to read or not, the new book of Roy, THE MINISTRY OF UTMOST HAPPINESS, here’s a short review to clear your confusion. 

LOVED this book! Initially it was so gripping, touching the depths of a different aspect of society, explained some political spheres in the middle, and had a perfect happy ending that soothes your heart, poetic justice!

If you are tempted by the cover and fame of the book, but are scared to go for it because of its depth, density, thickness or vocabulary, trust me, go for it, you’re gonna LOVE the end! 

A eunuch is born in a Muslim family of Daryaganj, Delhi. Her God-gift is music. She is attracted to ‘Khwabgah’, a house of a group of his kind and their leader. She leaves his house and stays there. Later in life, she adopts an orphan that she finds at Jama Masjid. Due to some political incident in his life, the attachment of the girl diminishes with her, and she leaves Khwabgah as well. She makes his new house in a graveyard which soon attracts people who are rejected by ‘Duniya’. 

During a protest, she encounters another left-out baby, and wishes to adopt it. But another lady takes it away. After a very very long journey of incidents, the lady becomes a part of the house at graveyard, concluding to a happy ending! 

Here are some critical comments on the book:

  1. Roy writes so accurately about Muslims as if she’s one of them.
  2. Beautifully explained the agony of Hijras and the problems they encounter in life, also their happiness.
  3. Neutrally explained the major Hindu-Muslim and the communist riots.
  4. Explained the context of each character deeply, whether it’s major or minor.
  5. Threw light on Indian corruption.
  6. Painted a realistic Kashmir.
  7. Depicted some Indian myths.

On the whole, it’s a complete Indian portrait filled with love, emotions, motherhood, Kashmiri-agony and Hijra-claps. You OUGHT to have a POLITICAL INFORMATION OF THE PAST AND PRESENT INCIDENTS OF INDIA, so as to completely digest the book. It’s a FIVE STAR READ!

Go for it, because it’s worth your attention and also to be a part of the curriculum.

Don’t forget to share your reviews and thoughts with me!

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– Anonymous
 Jamia Millia Islamia

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