A Beginning Worth Remembering

“Ek tajurba hi to hai, warna sirf daulat ki kalam se safarnaame nahi likhe jaate”
-Akanksha Mishra
(Writer, Anchor, Safarnama 2k18)

A travelogue of fun, excitement and adventures’ Safarnama 2k18 indeed lived up to the expectations of each and every one.

The Annual Fest of Department of Tourism, Hotel, Hospitality and Heritage Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, Safarnama 2k18, organized for the first time in the University, welcomed all the students and participants on a warm morning of March 22, 2018 for a fun-filled and joyful experience. Several events had been organized for the students from the University as well outside the University to showcase their talents.

The Fest that was organized on such a  large level, proved to be a major milestone for the Department.


The two-day Inter-University Fest was inaugurated in the presence of Dr Nimit Chowdhary, Dr Nusrat Yasmeen and Dr Vijay Kumar of the Department of Tourism and the key sponsor of the Fest Mr. Rizwanul Hassan who is the head of Plasma Coaching Centre, Tikona Park. The Department of Tourism was also honored by the presence of the Guest of Honor, a well-known Indian cricketer Mohd Kaif who expressed his immense pleasure for being invited to Jamia Millia Islamia and wished Safarnama a great success.


Organizing and managing of events and fests like Safarnama is also an integral part of the overall personality development of students. It teaches them a lot which they can’t learn otherwise from textbooks or class-room lectures. They are a great platform for students to practically learn managerial and organizational skills which would help them a lot in their professional as well as personal lives later. There were times when my students approached me with problems regarding the organization of the fest such as sponsorships etc. I deliberately did not stretch my hand for help for I knew if I did so they would always require someone to help them and stand by them in their hours of problem later in life making them, always, remain dependent on someone else’s favor. Today I feel extremely happy and proud of my students for organizing Safarnama so successfully going against all odds, carrying it all by themselves.
Prof. Dr Nimit  Chaudhary (H.O.D)

The Fest was well-appreciated and enjoyed by everyone for its uniqueness in introducing events like Futsal(competitive football tournament), arm-wrestling, cycle racing and gully cricket that attracted an array of sports fanatics for such backyard games. It was evident that the purpose of the events was not to conduct cutthroat competitions, but to gift the students and participants with a bundle of fun-filled experiences and encourage them to express their talents.

Apart from the events, there was a lot to look forward for the foodies at the stalls put up by Srivastava Chuski Bhandar and Chayaashi and Enactusi. Kerela Kan stall put up by Enactus JMI witnessed swarms of students who came to taste the refreshing Kerela Kan drinks in exciting flavors to get some relief from the burning sun outside.

The first day of the Fest began with the Rangoli making competition that gave an opportunity to the participants to articulate their creativity and imagination through colors. With the independence to choose any theme on their own, the teams explicitly and imaginatively gave meanings to their Rangolis focusing on the themes of diversity found in India, the love for nature, India as an agricultural country and so on.


The ‘Conquer the Mic’ (Solo/Duet singing) Competition in Safarnama 2k18 witnessed people who had a passion for music and singing and had come from far off places to showcase their talent in vocals. Some of the performances left the audience in awe. There were almost 50 registrations that made it difficult for the judges to decide the best ones among them.

Screenshot (140)

The creativity was not just limited to writing on pen and paper or painting on a canvas, creativity and innovation was  given a new form in an event of Safarnama 2k18 ‘The Fashion Walk’ where fashion scieties from various  colleges participated to showcase their experiment with outfits revolving around certain themes. It started with the inaugural performance by the students of Jamia Millia Islamia, based on the theme of the Rise of the Dead, it did manage to give chills to the audience who didn’t anticipate such enthusiastic opening and brought the whole crowd fixed on the upcoming performances. One of the most jaw-dropping moment in the Fashion Walk was the peacock attire that had been designed and presented by one of the colleges.  Each performance was exquisite, sensual and premier in their own. The themes at the event ranged from showing the epic tale of Draupadi to the subtle message of Humanity and Equality of the sexes. Total of 4 teams competed for the coveted prize. Sri Guru Gobind College of Commerce and Institute of Home Economics won the first and second prizes respectively.


Well, a fest remains incomplete without a theatre performance. Safarnama 2k18 was happy to present a Stage Play by Team Expressions, a student-led theatre group of the University. The play ‘The Judgement Day’ that was  an adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedies, namely, Richard III, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet and Macbeth was performed by Expressions. The play was being performed in Jamia Millia Islamia for the second time and has been awarded for the Best Original Concept by the Shakespeare Society of India in the National Drama Competition 2017. The play was directed by Madiha Musarrat, the founder of Team Expressions and a student of Department of English. The play was well received and the auditorium burst into thunderous applause at its end.


The Battle of Bands of Safarnama 2k18 presented various teams from different colleges with their exceptional band performances.  With the use of western, semi classical and Indian classical instruments, all the band teams managed to play the chords of the heart of each and every person present in the Open Air theatre.

The fest was well organized, teams from around 20 different colleges participated in this gala event. The students and the faculty members enjoyed the fest and e fun-filled events in its next season.

The second day of Safarnama 2k18 commenced with a fun-filled and thrilling event of cycle race. This all-inclusive event attracted a number of bike-riding enthusiasts of the city. The students participated in this adventurous cycle  race with great zeal and excitement._DSC5688

Parallel to this event, Safarnama conducted Solo/Duet dance competition and later a Group Dance competition where the audience witnessed a number of participants in series who showcased their exemplary dancing skills on the stage. The dance forms ranged from classical to semi-classical and western.


To revive the significance of the backyard games that one used to play in childhood, Safarnama 2k18 took up the responsibility to get the students acquainted with the fun that one experiences while playing games like Futsal, arm-wrestling and so on. The second day of the fest introduced Gully Cricket to the students that observed mass participation across the University. Safarnama actually made it possible for them to travel back to their childhood.

“Anyaay ki baat ko kabhi phailane ni dena chahiye,
Usey toh bade log hamesha se dabatey aa rhe hain.”
One of the most remarkable and mind-blowing event of Safarnama 2018 was the play ‘Court Martial’ by Sukhmanch Theatre Group on the second day of the fest. Sukhmanch Theatre Society, run by Shilpi Marwaha, is a well-known name in the Delhi theatre circuit. All of their plays mostly target towards the prevailing social wrongs. They aim to portray them to the audience a mirror to the existing wrongs in the society with the help of their strong acting skills, dialogues and direction in their stage adaptations. The play “Court Martial’ is a stage-adaptation of the widely acclaimed Indian playwright Swadesh Deepak and is a popular satire on the theme of the caste and class-discrimination that is accepted and overlooked in the Indian society that bounds to suppress the weaker ones.


The Fest ended with a super-charged Battle of DJs giving the audience a reason to remember Safarnama 2k18 as one of the most successful fests of this year.

Credits : Photographs by Shah Ali Faisal and Gaurav Prateek
                 Report by Saloni Gaba, Abhay Yadav and Shruty

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