Safarnama 2k18

IMG_20180320_234103_817A Season of Fests envelopes Jamia every year in the month of February-March.In the queue of fests this year, the next is SAFARNAMA. It will be a two-days event scheduled on 22-23 March, 2018. SAFARNAMA is the Annual Fest of the Department of Tourism, Hotel, Hospitality and Hetitage Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia. The fest has been organized unofficially right from 2015 but this year it would be its first official debut in the long list of fests organized in Jamia. Earlier it was organized with the name of Tourismo. Tourismo was an inter-departmental fest confined to Jamia only. It is going to be organized on a great level this year being open to people both in and outside Jamia. With it’s exclusive range of events- DJ, Fashion Walk, Travel vlog etc. it is bound to catch the attention of the audience. While one can find some of these events in other fests too ,Travel vlog is an event exclusive to SAFARNAMA wherein you would be given a chance to tell your travel stories with your own perspective in the language of the camera. The registrations are still open for participation. Nahush Kumar, Co-ordinator, Team Safarnama hopes the event to be a great success and wishes that it leaves a mark in the hearts of all the Jamians. ” To experience it you have to watch it. So do come to experience the extravaganza”, said Nahush while talking with The Jamia Review team.

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