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Being Real Life Hero at the time of Global Crisis

During this pandemic situation every local or state leader should take the responsibility of its people and work from the frontline because it is not possible for the state government to handle everything and work at the ground level. Every responsible person should be aware of its responsibilities and work accordingly as they are more… Continue reading Being Real Life Hero at the time of Global Crisis

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Wall of Inequality

We live in times where: GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is measured in tons, Citizen Rights in Volts, Nationalism in Decibels, Poverty in Heights and length of Wall. As the US President visited India on 24th of February, the Indian government had spent more than hundred crore rupees for his welcome and on the other side… Continue reading Wall of Inequality


Gargi Sexual Harassment Incident – A Report

On 6th February, Gargi college of Delhi University celebrated the last day of their annual fest 'Reverie 2020' which witnessed enthusiastic attendance by students of Gargi, different colleges of Delhi University and outsiders provided the carried the necessary entry passes. Despite being an event full of several amusing activities, food stalls, fun rides and musical… Continue reading Gargi Sexual Harassment Incident – A Report

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Shashi Tharoor and Sadanand Dhume are not bigots and anti-Islam, instead they are sensible liberals who know how to stand in this fight for secularism unlike the woke-Indian-Muslim-liberals who have to resolve to using slogans like ‘La ilaha ilallah’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ to show their ‘support’ for secularism. credits: TheIndianExpress All of India came out… Continue reading BACKDOOR FOR ISLAMIST EXTREMISM

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Union Budget 2020: A Case of Three Themes

The longest Budget speech of Independent India brought triple themes for the Indian Economy. Although the budget 'seems' pleasing for almost every sector, it could not substantiate the monotonous forgoing of the present economic crisis. The Union Budget 2020 arrived with three themes i.e. Aspirational India, Economic Development, and Caring Society. Aspirational India includes Agriculture,… Continue reading Union Budget 2020: A Case of Three Themes

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Dr. Zakir Hussain Mausoleum and Museum, Jamia Nagar.

Looking at the Mausoleum of Dr. Zakir Hussain in the middle of the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia, I couldn’t help but think about how artificial the concept of time is and how the past and present, at some point of time, become merged into a sort of ubiquitous wetness that is time, where one… Continue reading Dr. Zakir Hussain Mausoleum and Museum, Jamia Nagar.


Recent Shooting Events in Delhi – A Report

Image credits: AljazeeraShaheen Bagh shooter aressted. The previous week witnessed three incidents of firing amidst the anti-CAA protests in JMI and Shaheen Bagh. The first incidence took place on January 30, around 2 pm when a miscreant opened fire at people protesting near the JMI University, injuring a varsity student, Shadaab who was consequently rushed… Continue reading Recent Shooting Events in Delhi – A Report

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Ghungroos that carry art: Tawaifs of India

In the amnesic archives of history, you would come across the journey of these women who, now branded as mere prostitutes, were once the embodiment of refined culture and artistic talent. Image credits: The Indian Observer The scarce delineation of female voices in the pages of history stands as a testimony of the marginalization of… Continue reading Ghungroos that carry art: Tawaifs of India